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About Us

MMMedia is an independent holding company created in 2009 by Eric Ochs and operating, publishing and investing with a long term view in the digital media sectors, with a focus on a few targets (information and professional media, the survey industry, and civic tech, among others).

We are a human-size team and structure and we invest through a mix of management, resources and capital, at all stages of creation and development, or even transmission, with a constant view to build value and align interests with our partners and entrepreneurs.

We are constantly looking out for new projects and seeking synergies with entrepreneurs and investors, or through partnerships with complementary structures. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in cooperating with us in these fields.

Our Missions

MMMedia Investor Ready
MMMedia has a direct and indirect network for identifying innovative projects with high potential. MMMedia intervenes in seed funding and financing as part of a sustainable commercial development, while promoting co-innovation between projects.

Our investment sectors
MMMedia is active in the areas of new media, social networks, influencer communities and innovative software in the areas of CRM, Lead and Conversational.

A collaborative network of skills and co-innovator
Thanks to its collaborative methodologies and co-innovation, MMMedia works with a network of technical and digital skills of more than 30 people able to intervene in best practice or sharing of innovation on all investments. This approach is included in the MMMedia Investor Ready chart.

Our Investments

We provide a short description of our current investments and holdings, if you would like more information about any of the companies, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions or manage an introduction.

Excuse My Party

Excuse My Party , the « AirBnB of private parties » evenings in apartments now has a base of 50,000 qualified and active members in France. More than 1,000 events, evenings and parties have been hosted through the platform and the service relays on a network of “ambianceurs” that grows each day. The release of an innovative mobile application this autumn and the development of its international activities in other countries will further accelerate the growth of this innovative project into a new dimension.



Kapp10 is an innovative social media and event management solution for the sports event organizers market. This market gathers more than 10 million active users and fans each year, with an increasing number of « horizontal » or « informal » events, created by small groups of sports fans at the local level, outside the traditional clubs and media. KAPP10’s service, which can be described as a sports-centered social media, enables all organizers (friends, teams, clubs) to create, publish, and publicize their events. The company, Kapp Sports is currently hosted by the Sud Ouest Group incubator in Bordeaux, France.


Digital CMO

Digital CMO  is a media platform focusing on long term trends and issues in the technology sector.  The service addresses a base of 40,000 BtB decision makers, influencers and followers in the tech and digital BtB scene. It is estimated that more than 25 billion euros are invested by these decision makers in the digital transformation of their companies in France alone, and the pace of this process is accelerating. We believe in the convergence of IT and digital sectors, and that it will lead to a major restructuring of the market in the next few years. Our editorial policy is focused on this trend.


Spoking Polls

Spoking Polls is a smart online solution to help companies, associations, or even public organizations to create and amplify the distribution of polls and surveys, in all sectors, from satisfaction polls, user feedback survey, votes on participative platforms, or even public matters at the local level. This innovative project, developed using innovative computer technologies, Artificial Intelligence and mobile friendly features, aims to democratize its use in small businesses and the public sector.


Branchez Rugby

Branchez Rugby is data visualization and data journalism media, based on an IOS and Android mobile app, aimed at fans of rugby fans as well as casual or occasional enthusiasts. Created by a team of rugby veterans and enthusiasts, and based at the heart of the « rugby nation » in the basque country, Branchez Rugby’s data visualization and real-time information services make it possible to create a stronger commitment and engagement from the audience. The social dimension of the rugby community, with strong cultural and human values, common history and regional ties, creates a unique opportunity to develop this service as a social media.


One Question

One Question is a low cost, easy-to-use survey function and app created by Spoking Polls.  Targeted at all business users, and in particular in the SME and VSME segment, the solution enables users to create small surveys using a mobile phone to animate work meetings, seminars or thematic conferences. This free web service is easily accessible on your mobile phone from this link . It gives the ability to quickly qualify projects and engage with participants.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is responsible for monitoring, consulting and selecting projects that can be presented to MMMedia, and advising on qualitative issues. The Advisory Board is able to draw on the experience and the network of personalities from diverse backgrounds and has a strong professional experience in business creation, management, financing, communication or technology. MMMedia concentrates on operational management in terms of objectives, the progress of actions and the conduct of projects.

Eric Ochs – CEO of MMMedia

More than 25 years of experience in the high-tech sector and media. Former CEO France of the IDG group (media), IDC (market intelligence) and more recently the MagIT sold to TechTarget (Media – TTGT Nasdaq).

Robert Zarader, General Director & Partner – Equancy

Robert Zarader is President of the Corporate division at Equancy since 2008. He has assisted a large number of world-class entrepreneurs to develop their communication strategy.

Eric Izabelle, Writer and Adviser.  CEO – DUNE Advisers

Eric Izabelle is a writer, essayist and journalist, who publishes on technology, finance and impact investing, and advises companies and financial organisations on their communication.


13 years of experience in auditing and accounting at KPMG and 15 years at the Finance Department of a large French company specializing in the wood industry and trade.

Suresh Rajon, CEO – Netmetrics

Former CIO of a global IT press group and CEO of Netmetrics, with more than 30 years of experience in various domains in computer science and telecommunications.


Jérôme Lascombe, CEO – Lascorp Investissements

Jérome Lascombe is the founder and CEO of Lascorp, an investment fund positioned in the digital economy.


Editor – Digital CMO
Reply Under the responsibility of Pascal Boiron, Editor-in-Chief of digital CMO, you will be in charge of the tech section of Digital CMO (French and English).


Community Manager
Reply Spoking Polls is looking for a Facebook community manager to create and animate its community of active members around the studies and surveys carried out by clients (French and English).


Sales Representative
Reply Branch Rugby is looking for a part-time sales representative for marketing its services (French).


Commercial Director
Reply Digital CMO is seeking for the beginning of the year a commercial director to market its offer of lead generation services. Job based in Paris (French and English).

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